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If these are unique like the Pandora ornaments or if set patterns and colours are available

Le 8 mai 2014, 07:31 dans Humeurs 0

It has to be said that Pandora ensure there is always a new release to anticipate. While today marks the official launch of the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2013 collection, images of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2013 collection and the Pandora Easter 2013 collection have now become available.

For clarity sake, I wanted to split these into their appropriate categories so while this contains an preview of the Pandora Easter 2013 release, a similar, dedicated article will follow for the Mother’s Day release.

Many will remember that 2012 saw an Easter release from Pandora by way of universal egg style dangles. This theme is continuing for 2013. In addition comes a new Pandora Chicken ring that can only really be described as “quirky”. The Pandora Easter 2013 release is tentatively slated for March the 8th. The Easter egg is a symbol of fertility and new Exquisite Sterling silver Pandora Bracelets - JingleBell Jewelry, and the customs and traditions of using eggs have been associated with Easter for centuries. Here they are with stripes and in the most delicate colours. Universal Easter Eggs are Universal Uniques and are designed with a larger opening to fit all major brands. They are available in bundles of three random colours. The colours in this picture were selected at random.

While the actual concept is very reminiscent of Easter 2012, these new style dangles featuring different colours and patterning. It’s difficult to be entirely sure at present but it’s possible these will vary as enormously as the Christmas ornament dangles. I was vehemently opposed to the Pandora decorative eggs of 2012 and indeed I skipped the entire mother child charm silver. I have to say however, I much prefer the patterning on the Pandora Easter 2013 eggs. In addition it rather looks like we won’t be entirely limited to pastel colours. The stock image above displays some stronger hues and also some beautiful contrasts.

There’s no confirmed release date for these beads yet but in contrast to last year, I’ll definitely be keen to locate a few of these. Below is the image of the Pandora Easter 2012 pendant for contrast. The chicken ring leaves me a little lost for words – quite the rarity! Undoubtedly a cute novelty piece for Easter Sunday but I can’t imagine it seeing much wear outside of this time. My initial opinion of the new Easter Eggs is far more positive than last year. The more vibrant colours appeals to me and I’ll be intrigued to see if these are unique like the Christmas ornaments or if set patterns and colours are available.

Why familiar and popular striped pattern seen in both collection and unique Pandora beads

Le 8 mai 2014, 07:30 dans Humeurs 0

The Pandora Essence pod is still available from the official online store but it’s worth mentioning that stocks are now being depleted. The pod displays is displaying an orange alert on it’s stock levels and these will not be refreshed once exhausted. This pod would make a beautiful focal addition to a spring or nature themed bracelet due to it’s feminine purple sparkle. In addition to the aforementioned Heather, I suspect it would also look beautiful teamed with Pandora Cherry Blossom. While the Cherry Blossom’s stones are pink rather than purple, the two shades would look exquisite and again, the second pod introduces a little contrast by way of the darker aesthetic.

For those that prefer to keep a more consistant colour scheme and who appreciate pave designs, the Pandora Purple Sparkle pod would perfectly fill the role. (On that note, I absolutely promise that my review of the Pandora Pink Sparkle pod is coming soon, the last week has just been insanely busy. )#) I’m ridiculously excited for the Pandora spring 2013 collection. There’s still no definite release date available, nor any images but purely based on the safari theme I’m eagerly anticipating this release.

The two new glass kits that made their debut with the Pandora Compatible Beads Perfect for DIY JinglebellJewelry collection couldn’t be more different. The Rocky Beach Kit boasts earthy colour and texture. Meanwhile the Happy Beach Kit reflects it’s name, featuring high gloss and vibrantly coloured glass.

Last week I reviewed the new Pandora Coral Opal, a luscious coloured bead reminiscent of everything from cocktails, to tropical fruit and lastly the great barrier reef. Today’s review focuses on the Pandora Beach Ball. This bead features apt horizontal stripes but a real nostalgic palette of colours. It reminds me of 1950s style traditional deck chairs with their cheerful array of colours. The Pandora Beach Ball boasts the familiar and popular striped pattern seen in both collection and unique beads. The colours range from an azure blue through to barely there hues, corals and greys. The same array of colours are shared with the new Blue Fantasy bead, making these beads a perfect pair and ideal for placing either side of a focal feature. For those with a particular fondness for stripes, the Happy Beach Kit also features Strawberry Stripes offering a vibrant contrast.

With beautiful cerulean blues being a popular transitional colour to take us into the new season, I was keen to focus on this with the showcase bracelets. With both bracelets I tried to select heavily textured beads to accurately capture the seaside and seabed. I mentioned in my review of the Pandora Coral Opal that the colour was a little tricky to work with, at least for those prefer to stick to complimentary colours as opposed to contrasting. Obviously this kit has been styled to exploit the use of contrasts and the Beach Ball bead does feature the same coral stripe. For those struggling to envisage quite how they’ll use the Coral Opal, the following bracelet features more contrasts and is a little more loyal to a beach theme.